Visser Watches – A fisherman’s friend

By Frederik Drost
Visser Watches – A fisherman’s friend

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

I know I say this a lot on this blog, but this watch is truly original. Perhaps I am taking away the power of the word “original”, but you can judge for yourself. Today i will be looking at Visser Watches, a company that not only creates crazy looking watches, but watches for fishers! Yes, you read correctly, fishers. 

Their website doesn’t state why these watches are designed for fishers, so i will try to incorporate my theories into this review. I present to you, the Visser Sky Red!

First impressions

The watch comes in a surprisingly nice wooden box with the name “Visser” engraved on the top. Even though I had already checked out their website and collection, I still had that “what the hell is this” feeling when I opened up the watch box for the first time. Not in a bad way though, to be clear. You just can’t help pick it up and study it up close 🙂

I was actually surprised by the quality of the watch, mainly because I think they look like toys on their webpage. I simply wasn’t expecting a watch this well built. But I should know better than to judge the quality of a watch by the pictures. It has a good weight, came without any scratches and a nice polished finish.

I immediately took a liking to the watch and all its elements, except the watch bracelet (I’ll go into why later). There are so many unconventional elements on this watch, and I will try to go through all of them here!

A closer look

The dial

The dial has a fun and unique depth to it that thanks to the cut-outs, revealing the black background. The black is actually very “black”, and almost feels like an empty space instead of a flat surface. The dial has a nice ring texture carved into it and small holes around the outer edge, revealing the phosphorescent paint underneath. These “sandwich” like dials are rarely used, but Panerai is famous for using them a lot!

The index ring (ring around the dial on the inside) is where Visser chose to put their hour markers. The numbers are also painted with phosphorescent paint, and the ring itself is angled quit a lot towards the center, making legibility easier. I quite like this feature of the dial! 

As for the color of the dial, this is a matter of taste! Luckily, for those who aren’t into the flashy colors, the original Visser series offers slightly more “conservative” color options.

The hands

The hands are another element of this watch that sets it apart from any other watch I have seen before. I quite like the hands, and this shape probably only works because of the “knob” featured in the center of the crystal, hiding the central axis of the hands.

They are gold plated and features a nice uniform layer of phosphorescent paint. I am especially a fan of the seconds hand, with the dotted lume. It looks radical in the dark!

The case and crown

The case features a nice brushed finish, at a quality level you would expect from a watch in this price range. The bezel also features the same dotted design as seen on the dial and the seconds hand. Visser truly took a holistic approach to the design of this watch. 

The screw-down crown is unfortunately quite basic, but does however feature a nice engraved logo.

The crystal

The crystal reflects very little light back, thanks to the AR coating, so nothing wrong there. However, the crystal features a “knob” in the middle, probably to protect it from scratches bumps. This feature if probably the most iconic and it’s always the first thing people ask about when seeing the watch.

The bracelet

The bracelet is the one thing I didn’t like this watch. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very well built bracelet with heavy duty screws and metal/carbon links! And i don’t mind the fact that you have to open it by pressing down on the side of the link nearest the watch (i assume this feature is to avoid fishing lines getting caught in the clasp). 

I simply don’t like the fact that there are both metal and carbon links. The mix of the two creates a weird contrast that i don’t like to see on my watch straps. Luckily, if you feel the same way as i do, Visser’s Original series offers a “full black” version, and a version with a leather strap!

The lume

The lume is not the brightest in the business, but it does however look really, really cool in the dark. I enjoy the 2 different colors of lume on the dial (green and blue), and the dots on the second hand and the outer ring of the dial looks radical! 

The movement

The movement is a high-beat Miyota 9015 movement, with hacking and a good accuracy for the price. I reviewed a watch with this movement a few months back, from Phoibos, and it hasn’t let me down yet. Marc & Sons wrote says the following: 

“The caliber 9015, which was presented for the first time in 2009, is a revolutionary development of the 8215 caliber. Equipped with a ball bearing rotor, a second stop and a date with a quick-change circuit, this new plant works very precisely with 28,800 half oscillations per hour. The range deviation is indicated as -10 to +30 seconds per day. According to experience, however, the work runs much more precisely, in some cases with a deviation in the single-digit second range. Furthermore, the movement has a shock absorber, a Swiss anchoring inhibitor and a manual hoist. The reserve is 42 hours. The movement is a technical masterpiece due to its low overall height of only 3.9 mm.”

Marc & Sons

Marc & Sons produces great watches, and they have no reason to lie when the market features so many other movements.


The price seems fair

The Visser Sky Red goes for 789 USD (718 EURO) which I thought was a bit steep at first glance, when considering what you can get from other microbrands across the world wide web. But many of their design choices are unique and probably requires more money to get produced (the whole in the crystal, the carbon links, the unique “clasp” system, the unique gold plated hands etc…). Therefore i can  only conclude that the price seems fair.


As with many of the watches I present here on this blog, you have to fall in love with the design or see the practical aspect of the watch, if you happen to be fishing a lot! For this price you can a lot of watch from other microbrands, but you won’t get one this original! Most of my friends were split when it came to this watch, but i rather enjoyed wearing something that sparked so many strong reactions!

If you do however decide to buy one, you don’t need to worry about the quality! It’s all there, like you would expect from a microbrand watch in this price range.

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