Who am i ?

My name is Frederik, and i am a young danish gentleman who grew up in France and is now living in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark.

Why did i start this blog?

I have always loved clothes and the power of expression they hold. Growing up as a tall dane in France, i always stood out and i quickly became used to it. When returning to Denmark i become just another dane and my clothes became my way of standing out. And it wasn’t too hard since many danes dress in a very minimalistic and colorless way.

I never cared about what anybody thought of it, and i the result is that i now have tons of different looks that vary on a daily basis.

I recently began working for a fashion website here in Aarhus where i discovered a new passion for a more “formel” attire. But suits ties and fancy shirts are expensive, so i decided to do what so many danes allready do: go thrift shopping ! And boy, it’s a goldmine.

Since then, i began mixing the old with the new and taking more sartorial risks than ever. And when more and more people tell you that you have a unique style and should start a blog, you shouldn’t hesitate to do so.

Why follow this blog ?

I work for a fashion website and therefore i see new brands, fashion bloggers and inspiring photos every day. I wil share with you my favorite ones and my thrift treasures. Hopefully i can inspire you to create you own unique and diverse style.

Style is the perfection of a point of view


For any questions, compliments or suggestions send me an e-mail : fransker@gmail.com