Venturian Wildsider – True to its nature

By Frederik Drost
Venturian Wildsider – True to its nature
Venturian debuts with a creation that is both playful and earnest. Its optimal size and indefatigable solar movement guarantee longevity and performance.

Certain watchmakers capture the very essence of a lifestyle or passion with their craft. Venturian is exemplary in this regard, capturing the imagination with their inventive design ethos.

Behold, the Venturian Wildsider Black.

Pros & Cons


  • – Powered by a solar movement for enduring reliability
  • – Crafted for lightweight comfort
  • – Incorporates practical features


  • – The strap leaves room for improvement
  • – Luminosity could be enhanced

About the Brand

Venturian transcends the ordinary definition of a watch brand to become a symbol of adventure, catering to those with an affinity for the great outdoors.

Genesis of Venturian

I only mention this because of how well i think the watch embraces this story. You can tell the founder made a watch for himself, not for other.

Established in 2021 by Jason Strong following an inspiring journey across the Valkyr Range, Venturian is the brainchild of a man whose name was already synonymous with design excellence, contributing to the reputation of brands such as adidas and REI.

The Quintessential Piece – Wildsider: A jewel in the LightFuel Collection, the Wildsider is the fruit of three years of meticulous crafting, embodying resilience, timeless aesthetics, and the soul of wilderness exploration.


Specs – Click to show


The timepiece is presented in a seemingly recycled cardboard package, straightforward yet not necessarily a keeper, aligning with the ethos that one’s investment is better allocated to the watch itself.

Included is a manual detailing the utilitarian feature of using the bezel for solar navigation – a nod to the traditional uses of a tool watch.


Venturian wildsider titanium tool watch

Upon first inspection, the Venturian Wildsider proclaims its utility with a sand-blasted titanium case and easily readable dial. The design ethos of field watches – clarity, functionality, and straightforwardness – is well respected.

Further scrutiny reveals the thoughtful design nuances and delightful intricacies:

  • – The rounded skeleton hands offer a unique visual flair rarely found in watch design.
  • – Its lugs present a bold, machined finish that invites a touch of the industrial.
  • – A crimson second hand injects a lively contrast, adding distinctiveness.
  • – Engraved motivational maxims on the bezel, such as “ready to roam” and “take back time,” enhance its character.
  • – The inner dial bezel (rehaut) inspires with phrases like “for the pursuit of something greater.”
  • – A contrasting white ring encircles the dial, adding depth and focus to the design layout.
Venturian wildsider titanium tool watch

The placement of motivational quotes on the watch is subtle, only discernible upon close examination, preserving elegance and avoiding any sense of overstatement – in contrast to the multiple Rolex inscriptions on their rehauts.

Despite the current model’s inclusion of a date function, a dateless version might suit the field watch ethos more succinctly, emphasizing simplicity and utility over additional features.


The Case & Crown

Venturian wildsider titanium tool watch

The craftsmanship of the case is robust, presenting no harsh edges to worry about during wear. Its bead-blasted finish is uniformly executed, providing a texture that is both visually appealing and tactilely pleasing. 

NOTE: Perhaps not worth mentioning, but Titanium is 45% lighter than steel, yet just as strong.

Venturian wildsider titanium tool watch

The crown, albeit petite, offers a satisfying grip and unwinds with ease, providing a sense of reliability and precision that belies its size. Its action is reassuringly steady, reflecting well on its value.

Aesthetic Note: The logo on the crown, intricate as it is, remains elusive to the eye due to its diminutive scale—a simpler design or no logo might serve better here for discernibility.

The Bezel

Venturian wildsider titanium tool watch

Engineered with an attention to durability, the bead-blasted bezel features deeply etched, paint-filled markers that resist wear and tear. In line with its price bracket, the bezel provides a satisfactory tactile response, notwithstanding a modest degree of play and a somewhat airy click. Nevertheless, its alignment with the dial is faultless, ensuring functionality is not sacrificed for aesthetics.

The Dial & Hands

Venturian wildsider titanium tool watch

The dial excels in its alignment and presentation, with each component, including the date aperture, placed with precision. It boasts a stark matte white print on a black background, with a raised effect that adds a dimension of depth to the design.

The hands are finished with an impeccable coat, devoid of imperfections. The lustrous red second hand injects a spirited contrast, adding to the watch’s character without compromising its refined aesthetic.

The Crystal

Although flat sapphire crystals are prone to reflectiveness, the anti-reflective coating applied here performs adequately, reducing glare and maintaining the dial’s visibility under various lighting conditions.

The Strap

The strap’s hardware—comprising bead-blasted gun metal steel loops and buckle—exudes solidity and is crafted with evident care to match the case.

However, the NATO strap itself may leave some desiring a heftier companion to the watch’s sturdy build. While its durability is beyond question, a strap with a little more weight might be more fitting for the robust nature of the timepiece.

Style Tip: For an alternative look, pairing the watch with an NDC elastic strap could offer an exciting aesthetic and feel.

The Movement

At the heart of the watch lies the Epson Solar Movement VS22B-07, a powerhouse of efficiency capable of running for six months on a full charge. It’s designed to signal the need for light with a slower tick every two seconds when running low, giving ample notice to recharge.

Maintenance Tip: Regularly recharging the watch, preferably by allowing it natural light by a window every three months, ensures optimal battery health and longevity.

On the Wrist

Venturian wildsider titanium tool watch

The Venturian Wildsider boasts a 38mm case that is modest, light-wheight and low-profile yet versatile, fitting most wrists with ease and comfort, despite the thin strap which could ideally have more heft to match the watch’s robust persona.


339 USDThe price is fair

Considering the use of titanium and solar movement which is more expensive than regular quartz movements, you are getting your money’s worth with the Wildsider.


Venturian debuts with a creation that is both playful and earnest. Its optimal size and indefatigable solar movement guarantee longevity and performance. While there is always room for refinement, the Wildsider delivers as a stout, practical field watch that captures the spirit of the brand and resonates with the identity of its wearer. 

It’s refreshing to witness a watch that is true to its brand narrative, avoiding the trappings of marketing pretense and standing out in its market space, much like the commendable endeavors of Adley Watches.

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