Artem Straps & Buckles – Worthy of your luxury watch

By Frederik Drost
Artem Straps & Buckles – Worthy of your luxury watch
Artem’s straps are the embodiment of minimalist luxury, peppered with distinctive details, making them deserving adornments for any luxury sports watch. 

NOTE: This review goes through their Hydroflex Straps, Nato straps and Loopless straps but with a higher focus on the first.

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Dive deep into the bookmarks of a watch aficionado, and you’ll unearth numerous online strap retailers, a testament to the thriving market for such accessories.

However, the landscape is riddled with retailers who peddle generic, mass-produced straps, often under the guise of dropshipping. A few elevate this by stamping their brand, but not without inflating the price tag.

Yet, occasionally, you stumble upon purveyors who either source unique straps or craft them in-house. These gems invariably capture my attention.

Thus, I am elated to introduce and delve into Artem Straps!

The Brand

Artem, while petite in stature, resonates with immense prowess in the realm of watch straps and buckles. Their hallmark lies in the meticulous engineering of their acclaimed Sailcloth straps, though they also proffer Nylon Nato and “Hybrid Straps”.

Far from catering to mere whims of the masses, Artem seeks to curate the quintessential strap, primarily targeting the discerning enthusiast who, as their collection matures, often prioritizes craftsmanship over mere aesthetics.

As an aficionado fitting this description, I eagerly share my comprehensive insights into their offerings.

The Hydroflex Straps


Hydroflex Strap

RM style Deployant Clasp



Arten Sailcoth Strap on the Green Omega Seamaster 300M Profesional

Artem’s designs exude understated elegance, eschewing flamboyant hues or ornate markings. They envision crafting sophisticated straps, while affording wearers the flexibility to synchronize their dial and strap through a palette of five hues and two stitching variants.

The sailcloth infuses the straps with a utilitarian aura, harmonizing seamlessly with premium tool watches, such as the Omega Seamaster or Rolex Submariner.

While these straps seem tailor-made for such timepieces, it’s truly up to individual tastes to dictate the perfect pairings.

The HydroFlex Hybrid Strap, in particular, distinguishes itself with black rubber edges, lending it depth and a nuanced character.

A delightful tangent: Their verdant strap harmoniously complements the muted green of my Seamaster 300M. Yet, its muted tones can just as effortlessly complement bolder shades.


Arten Sailcoth Strap on the Green Omega Seamaster 300M Profesional

Artem’s mastery is profoundly evident in their buckles, be it pin buckles or deployant clasps. Their subtle branding, devoid of ostentatious logos, is a refreshing deviation from the typical aftermarket buckles, ensuring harmony with the watch it graces.

Each buckle, while seemingly simplistic, boasts a sophisticated interplay of brushed and polished finishes. Their robust yet refined appearance sets them apart from the generic milieu.

What is sailcloth?

Sailcloth refers to the fabric specifically designed and used in the creation of sails for boats and ships. Historically, sailcloth was crafted from natural fibers like flax, hemp, or cotton, with these materials tightly woven to provide the essential strength and durability needed to harness wind power for marine navigation.

In modern times, technological advancements have led to the development of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and laminates that have taken the place of traditional fibers in sailcloth manufacturing. 

Note: The Artem HydroFlex strap features Synthetic material made to look like Sailcloth, but feels it does feel as durable as real sailcoth.


HydroFlex Strap

Arten Sailcoth Strap on the Green Omega Seamaster 300M Profesional

In my estimation, the HydroFlex reigns supreme among Artem’s offerings. Its resilience seemingly trumps even its Sailcloth counterpart. It integrates a leather base enveloped in rubber, enhancing comfort and water-resistance, without any compromise over time. The HydroFlex stands apart, negating the need for silicone reinforcements.

Arten Sailcoth Strap on the Green Omega Seamaster 300M Profesional

It features impeccable padding around the pins and tapers gracefully by 2mm. A commendable addition is the loop “lock” for the primary strap loop, a minor yet invaluable detail.

In summation, the HydroFlex is a luxury hybrid strap, seamlessly complementing elite timepieces like my Omega Seamaster.

RM Style Deployant Clasp

Arten Sailcoth Strap on the Green Omega Seamaster 300M Profesional

My initial interaction with the RM-style clasp was nothing short of revelatory. Its exceptional mechanics, stemming from the pressure-locking mechanism, ensure a robust yet gratifying engagement. The intricate detailing is evident in the polished interiors contrasted against the brushed exteriors.

Its impeccable construction ensures minimal slack, reinforcing trust in its durability.

A word of reassurance: Those apprehensive about its inadvertent release can set their fears aside. The clasp boasts remarkable security, necessitating significant force for disengagement.

On the Wrist

When paired with my Omega Seamaster 300M, the strap emanates comfort while anchoring the watch with unwavering security. Its ergonomic design ensures zero discomforts, even with a snug fit.

TIP: I would not recommend this strap or any deployment clasp if your “watch hand” is also your computer mouse hand.

Artem Nato Strap


Artem’s range of Nato straps is delightfully varied, offering a standard palette, an homage to the classic Omega Straps (think Bond themes like “No Time To Die”), and a vibrant collection that I particularly adore.

It’s the latter I’d like to focus on. Artem has skillfully crafted these colorful Nato straps with a subdued yet playful tone, giving them a sophisticated, almost metallic appearance. They’re incredibly appealing!

These straps stand out for their refined choice of colors, setting them apart from the multitude of less expensive, similar options on the market. 

Most follow the traditional 5-stripe design reminiscent of the original Bond Nato, but one unique design features a single orange stripe against a black background, adding a touch of quirkiness.


The straps themselves are robust and durable, with well-finished edges that resist wear and tear. They exude high quality, leaving no doubt about their craftsmanship.

At first glance, the buckle may seem ordinary, but it’s actually quite sturdy and well-crafted, featuring smooth edges and a mirror polish. The Artem logo is deeply engraved in the center, adding a distinguished touch.

The loops are solid and polished, standing out prominently from the strap. They have slightly sharper edges compared to other metal parts, but this doesn’t diminish my overall positive impression.

An adjustable middle keeper enhances functionality, accommodating various wrist sizes.

Note: I appreciate Artem’s thoughtful branding on one of the keepers, positioned facing the wearer for a touch of discreet elegance.

Fit and Comfort

nato strap green omega seamaster 300 artem straps

The Nato Straps from Artem are exceptionally comfortable and fit perfectly on my 17cm wrist. They’re designed with just the right amount of excess strap for convenience.

Due to the adjustable middle loop and numerous holes, these straps can accommodate any wrist size.

Worth Noting: The strap’s thickness might make it less suitable for very slim watches, like dress watches.

Nato Straps Conclusion

Artem’s Nato Straps excel in quality and style, offering both classic and vibrant options without breaking the bank. My only wish is for a wider range of choices!

Artem Loopless Straps


The design of these straps is straightforward, featuring a sailcloth top, a soft leather underside, and optional stitching colors. While the design is unassuming, Artem’s focus on quality and ergonomics shines through.

Worth Noting: The option to choose stitching colors is a nice touch, as white stitching on black significantly enhances the strap’s appeal.

The color options are well-balanced and suitable for matching with the majority of dial colors.

These straps are designed to be used with Artem’s Loopless Deployant Clasp.

Artem’s Loopless Deployant Clasp

The clasp’s design is sporty, industrial, and subtle. Its arrowhead-like shape with polished guards for the trigger release buttons is eye-catching.

The polished surfaces are minimal, aligning well with the sportier aesthetic of the straps. This design complements watches like the Breitling Headwind, known for its brushed finish.



The quality of the straps is impressive, as expected. 

The sailcloth layer extends over the edges, indicating superior craftsmanship. The stitching is tight, and the holes are reinforced with a layer of leather for added durability.

The padding is moderate near the watch, tapering towards the middle for increased flexibility without compromising strength.

Loop-Less Deployant Buckle

The Loop-Less Deployant Clasp offers a more natural and straightforward way to secure your watch compared to the RM-style clasp.

The construction is solid, with minimal looseness in the moving parts

The buttons respond well, and the clasp emits a reassuring click upon closing, ensuring the watch’s secure fit on your wrist.

Fit and Comfort

In this design, micro-adjustments are absent, yet the holes are sufficiently close to each other. Consequently, some users might find the fit a tad too snug or slightly loose, but this is a common occurrence with straps that lack micro-adjustments.

Apart from this, my strap fits comfortably on my 17cm wrist. The metal doesn’t press against my skin uncomfortably, and there isn’t excessive bulk beneath my wrist, which often looks odd with these types of buckles.

Loop-Less Strap Conclusion

Overall, Artem’s deployment clasp is secure and well-built, suitable for a variety of straps beyond those offered by Artem. Pairing it with their straps results in a combination worthy of any luxury sports watch.

I recommend more microbrands collaborate with Artem for superior deployment clasps.


Overall, i think the prices are very fair considering the quality, engineering, and finishing of the buckles and straps.

  • HydroFlex Atrap & RM Buckle -> 133 + 73 USD = 210 USD / 192 EUR
  • Loop-less strap -> 133 USD / 122 EUR
  • Loop-less deployant clasp -> 68 USD / 62 EUR
  • Nato Straps -> 63 USD / 57 EUR

Overall Conclusion

Artem’s straps are the embodiment of minimalist luxury, peppered with distinctive details, making them deserving adornments for any luxury sports watch. 

Their attention to detail and ergonomic brilliance, especially with their deployant clasps, is commendable.

I wholeheartedly endorse Artem’s straps and buckles. Their mastery in this craft is truly exceptional.

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