I am honoured to be featured on the following lists of male fashion bloggers:

    They unfortunately got my website’s domain wrong and are still using my site’s old design! They are not answering my emails reagrding updating the listing, but i am still honoured to be considered by such a big newspaper!
  • Goudron Blanc
    The creator of the very soft Goudron Blanc t-shirts created this list based on different rankings. I am proud to be number 24 on the french rankings (similar web), and even more proud to say that i would be much higher had he sorted them based on their global rank (Aleksa)!
  • Homme Urbain
    The guy behind this blog has his finger on the pulse, making his shoutout to my blog even more enjoyable! The fact that it’s his list of the best male fashion blogs had me buying champagne to celebrate!
    Although an older article and a magazine for women, one can’t help but be flattered that a big magazine like this would consider me for their article! Hurray!
  • Le Barboteur
    This blog is no joke in France, and some would consider it to be one of the biggest blogs in France held by one person. Even if it isn’t the case, i am very proud to be on his blogroll!
  • Vila Schweppes
    Not the biggest fan of Schweppes, but a huge fan of their taste in male fashion blogs!