Nadir Watches Review – Cool and Sporty

By Frederik Drost
Nadir Watches Review – Cool and Sporty

Nadir, an emerging microbrand from Poland, is making its debut in the horological scene with their inaugural timepiece, the Nadir Vespera. This watch captivates with its super compressor style, characterized by the iconic double-crowned appearance.

However, aside from this nod to tradition, the design largely ventures into more original territories, managing to eschew overly bold or eccentric aesthetics.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Nadir Vespera to you.




I was delighted upon receiving the Nadir Vespera, elegantly presented in a charming wooden box featuring metal hinges and a magnetic lock.

Such a box merits a prominent place on my dresser, and I am particularly impressed to find such packaging included at this price point.

This enhances the overall experience of purchasing a watch, elevating it significantly, although some might consider it superfluous. However, mainstream clients will likely appreciate this thoughtful addition.


Nadir vespera black orange super compressor watch

The Nadir Vespera boasts a design that melds sportiness and utility, evidenced by its crowns, case shape, and color scheme.

The case flanks draw inspiration from the Patek Philippe Nautilus, notably through the prominent “guards” which effectively balance the visual heft of the watch—particularly necessary given the substantial presence of the dual crowns.

Adding to its allure, the case is enhanced with a polished bevel that elegantly runs along its entire side and curves around the lugs—a feature I find particularly delightful, reminiscent of recent Breitling models.

I appreciate the minimal gaps between the case and the strap, thanks to the metal preserved between the lugs. This design choice, while aesthetically pleasing, may not lend itself as well to pairing with a NATO strap.

Nadir vespera black orange super compressor watch

The dial is deceptively simple but houses three elements I adore: the hands are crafted with one side bead-blasted and the other mirror-polished, offering a striking contrast in the right light. 

Subtle drilled squares at the dial’s edge introduce a nuanced depth, interacting intriguingly with varying light conditions. 

Not to be overlooked is the captivating orange minute track, evocative of the Omega Seamaster 300M but with an extended presence, seamlessly guiding the eye to the date window and harmonizing with the orange accents on the black leather strap.

Design Conclusion

Nadir Watches has crafted a timepiece that epitomizes balance in innovation. It does not merely blend into the backdrop of conventional designs, nor does it overreach in its distinctiveness. This watch finds a comfortable median, appealing to a broad demographic and thus reaching a wider market.


The Nadir Vespera offers exceptional legibility for both time and date, enhancing the user experience.

The watch features an internally rotating bezel that is straightforward to operate, although it is primarily designed to time longer events in hours. Timing minutes is possible but somewhat less intuitive, as the bezel’s increments are scaled such that ‘1’ equates to 5 minutes, ‘2’ to 10 minutes, and so forth.

Personally, I find this setup quite adequate, particularly given that I envision this watch as a field watch ideal for timing outdoor activities like hiking or walks. Additionally, it proves useful for navigation purposes, such as finding the north, which can be accomplished by aligning it with the sun. Instructions on how to use an analog watch as a compass can be found here: Using an Analog Watch as a Compass: 



The Nadir Vespera’s case exhibits a quality finish that aligns with expectations for its price bracket, accentuated by a polished beveled edge that adds a distinct flair.

The brushed finish on the case is meticulously applied, exhibiting fine lines that create an almost bead-blasted appearance under certain lighting conditions.


The crowns are well-crafted, with the grip’s top polished and the main crown (used for setting the time) featuring a deeply embossed logo—a detail that surpasses mere shallow engravings for durability and aesthetic depth.

The crown at 4 o’clock facilitates easy grip and unscrewing, featuring consistent threading and minimal wobble when extended. The crown at 2 o’clock, which controls the internally rotating bezel, ensures smooth operation without being overly loose, maintaining its position reliably during timing tasks.


The dial is precisely printed, with every component properly aligned. The date is perfectly centered within its aperture against a matching black background—a detail that notably satisfies my preference for precision in such elements.

While the brand name and logo on the dial are polished, they are subtly integrated, although a more pronounced metal logo could enhance the dial’s character.


You can clearly see the dual contrast finishes on the 2 hands, which gives an interesting look.

The hands of the watch are particularly striking, featuring a dual finishing that creates a vivid contrast. These are executed with precision, ensuring a crisp delineation between the different finishes—critical for maintaining a sharp and professional appearance.


The Nadir Vespera employs BGW9 lume, a favorite of mine for its consistent and reliable glow. It’s applied evenly, avoiding any patchiness or grainy textures. The hands initially illuminate more brightly than the hour markers but gradually balance out to a uniform luminosity.

Strap & Buckle

The leather strap, crafted from Tuscan Badalassi Carlo Pueblo leather, exhibits a natural roughness and the authentic scent of leather, aspects not always guaranteed in watch straps. It combines durability with comfort, complemented by a hand-stitched finish and a quick-release mechanism.

The buckle, more refined than typical generic alternatives, mirrors the design cues from the case, with ‘Nadir’ deeply engraved, enhancing both its functionality and visual appeal.


Powered by the Miyota Caliber 9015, the Nadir Vespera benefits from this reliable 24-jewel automatic movement, known for its efficiency and compact design. Operating at 28,800 vibrations per hour and featuring a 42-hour power reserve, this movement includes a date function and hacking seconds, ensuring precise time setting and robust performance.

Quality Conclusion

Priced at 490 EUR / 523 USD, the Nadir Vespera offers a level of quality that slightly surpasses what one might typically expect at this price point, making it a commendable choice for enthusiasts who value well-executed features in their timepieces.

On the wrist

The 42mm case of the Nadir Vespera, while substantial, feels more compact on my 17cm wrist, thanks to the clever design of protruding wings on the sides. This dimensioning ensures that the watch remains versatile for a wide range of wrist sizes. It is ideally suited for most men, although those with very large wrists or a preference for smaller watches might find it less fitting.

Additionally, the comfort level is exceptional, bolstered by the high-quality leather strap and the notably slim profile of the watch at just 12.3mm in height.


Nadir Watches has entered the arena with an impressive debut timepiece that is sporty, distinctive, and exceptionally well-proportioned. The quality of the watch exceeds expectations for its price bracket, particularly with complex features such as the internally rotating bezel, ensuring that it delivers substantial value in its category.

Overall, the Nadir Vespera distinguishes itself as an excellent choice for everyday wear, versatile enough for almost any setting aside from the most formal occasions. This watch proves that style and functionality can coexist seamlessly, making it a standout option for watch enthusiasts.

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