How to Safely Store Your Watch Collection

By Frederik Drost
How to Safely Store Your Watch Collection

Just like any valuable item, your luxury watch collection must be well taken care of,
and storing them properly is a huge part of this. If your watches aren’t stored well,
they will be exposed to dirt, scratches, fading and general damage. So, here are 5
top tips for storing your watch collection.

Make Sure Your Collection Is Clean

If you’re a true watch enthusiast, this first step should be something you do often to keep
your watches in tip-top condition.

Dirt can dull a watch and can even cause damage by wearing down the links and blocking
the crown and dials if left dirty for too long. So, before storing your watches, give them a
good clean and ensure they are free from any dust, dirt, or grime that your watch picked up
from general wear.

To clean a watch bracelet, place it in a bowl of warm water and mild dish soap. Alternatively,
if you have a leather strap, place it in a bowl of warm water and leather cleaner. Once the
strap is free from dirt, take a watch brush and gently scrub the strap to loosen any excess
dirt. Finally, rinse the strap with clean water and take a microfibre cloth to dry the strap.

Note: the watches must be completely dry before storing them, as any moisture will cause
mould, mildew or even cause the metal to corrode.

Remove the Batteries (If Necessary)

If any watches in your collection are quartz, you’ll want to think about removing their
batteries. This is because batteries are likely to leak and this battery acid can cause
detrimental damage to a watch. So, if you know you’ll be storing a quartz watch for a long
period of time, it’s wise to remove the battery before.

To do this, carefully remove the back of the watch with a screwdriver and keep the battery
somewhere safe. If you’re not confident about removing the battery yourself, it’s best to take
it to a jewellery store to do the job for you.

Use a Protective Watch Box, Case or Watch Winder

Whether you’re at home, moving house or on your travels, your watch collection must be
kept safe in a high-quality protective watch box or case. Some people store their watches in
the packaging/boxes they came with, but we do not recommend doing this as they don’t
provide as much protection, and this can also damage the box over time.

For maximum protection, it’s a good idea to wrap each watch in a soft cloth pouch. The cloth
will gently protect the watch from light scratches and absorb any possible moisture.
If you have any automatic watches in your collection, it can be super beneficial to keep them
in a watch winder. Not only are they unique display pieces, watch winders will keep your
luxury watches running even when they’re not worn. This enables your watch to display the
time and date accurately, so you never have to worry about reading the wrong time.

Place Your Watches Face Up & Leave Gaps Between Them

It is always best practice to store your watches face side up, whether you’re storing them flat
or wrapped around a watch holder. There are a number of reasons why you should place
your watches this way up, the first being that it helps to protect the crystal or glass from
scratches or scuffs. Placing it this way reduces its contact with hard surfaces or other objects
that could cause harm to the watch face.

What’s more, it’ll be much more convenient for you if all of your watches are facing upright,
especially if you have a number of different watches in your collection and want to quickly
choose one to wear.

Another storage tip is, when storing multiple watches in a watch box or case, leave a bit of
space between each watch. It doesn’t have to be a big gap, just half an inch or so, but this
will ensure that no two watches are touching and will prevent any friction damage.

If you want to go all out, you can even purchase a watch divider tray which features
individual dividers – keeping each watch separate.

Choose a Safe Location To Store Your Watches

Last but certainly not least, you want to choose a safe and secure place to keep your much-
loved timepieces.

Keep your watch collection in a clean, dust-free area, away from any direct sunlight or heat,
as this can affect the workings of your watch and potentially fade it. Avoid obvious hiding
places that a thief could easily find, or that children could get their hands on, and go for a
more secure option like a locked safe.

If you’re moving house, many removal companies offer safe storage facilities for your
belongings, but note that goods are stored at the owner’s risk.

Written by Kate Jones on behalf of Falconer Removals, the oldest family-run removals
company in the UK.

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