CODE41 NB24 Chrono – Pre-orders open !

By Frederik Drost
CODE41 NB24 Chrono – Pre-orders open !

CODE41 is back with another watch and this time is features the king of complication: The chronograph !

I will hopefully receive a prototype soon to that i can share all the up close details and evaluate the quality, but in the meantime, i can share my thougts about the design.

The Pre-orders started the 24th Nov and ends the 16 Dec. Be quick as they fly off the shelves pretty quick !



Something i have applauded CODE41 for in previous reviews is to keep their design in all of their watches. Not only is it good branding, but making all of their watches reckognizable as a CODE41 watch keeps the community together and wanting more. It’s a great long term plan that could potentially give them a high status in the watch community.

The basic angular, cushion like case shape is kept for this model, which has more similarities with the X41 than their other models. The aggrevise cut-outs on the sides have been narrowed to make space for the pusher buttons for the chonograph and the engraved line now connects the 2 pushers and the crown.

The bezel is tall, leaving space for a multi-layered dial that seems futuristic at first glance, and more industrial after a longer look.

Very symmetrical dial here ! I hate those pesky date windows at the 4 to 5 o’clock position.

One could have kept the chronograph sub-dials simple and classic, but CODE41 is not about that. Like with their first watch, the Anomaly 01, the counter marker is fixed and the entire sub-dial rotates to show you the time elapsed. The left sub-dial is the constant seconds and the right one will show you the time elapsed for the chronograph.

This dial layout has great depth, which i like in my futuristic looking watches!

All of this is crowned with a X shaped piece to hold everything visually together. The hours markers are not all on the same plane as well, wich is a really interesting look. All of this, plus the semi transparent base that reveal the date wheel and other elements, create a dial with enormous depth.

The hands remain what we have seen one the X41 and the DAY41, allthough some version of this model has a red tip.

It looks like the movement has some different finishes.

The caseback is also worth talking about, as CODE41 has managed to surprise me there too ! The oscillating mass is truly a stunner and rather uniquely designed, as it is not completely centered. It does reveal less of the movement, but a cut-out hole makes sure to counterbalance that nicely. Extending this unique design language to the back of the watch is not only a rarety these days, but especially for watches in this price range!

The different models

Each model has its own personality and some will be housed in a titanium case, other in a carbon case.

My personal favourite is the blue titanium version.

The movement

The movement inside this beast is a manufacture movement, meaning in short that the movement is a proprietary development and designed and produced in-house.

I beleive it might be a cam-lever movement, with a horizontal clutch (most cam lever movement has that). The Valjoux 7750 features the same function, which comes with pros and cons. I wouldn’t leave the chrono running all the time due to wear, but the construction is robust and can take a beating.


CODE41 has yet again created a unique watch that strives to be itself, ignoring any market trends. If history has tought us anything, that is the recipe for becoming a fauture classic, or even a legend.

Under all it’s complexity, shapes, angles, layers and raw aesthetic lies a well balanced and symmetrical dial with design language that is now true to the brand.

If i wasn’t aware of this release, i could still reckognize CODE41’s unique take on watches, on the wrist of a bypasser. And that’s what a watch brand should aim for.

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