CODE41 Anomaly Evolution – Edition 2

By Frederik Drost
CODE41 Anomaly Evolution – Edition 2

CODE41, a brand that i have followed with great admiration since its birth, is back again with another edition of the Anomaly Evolution.

Before we talk about the upgrades on this newer version, feel free to read my full review of the first edition of the Anomaly Evolution. This will set a good base for understanding why this version is better and the overall quality of CODE41’s watches.


Since this new edition doesn’t change much of the classic CODE41 esthetic, and most changes are subtle, i will let this video speak for itself and reference my full review for my deeper thoughts. Here are my short thoughts on the design of the Anomaly Evolution.

“CODE41 has maintained its consistent design with the same case shape and cool spacer rings. The bezel has become more aggressive, giving the watch a sportier look. The display case back allows a view of the Sellita SW200-1 movement. The dial combines elements from previous models and features a chapter ring design seen in other CODE41 watches. The absence of an open heart and the addition of an easy-to-read date enhance the dial’s appeal.

Overall, CODE41 has successfully improved the Anomaly design by incorporating the best features from previous models”

A New Anomaly Evolution

The second edition of this watch is not very different from the first at a glance. But many of the criticisms i had of it has been taken into consideration, and i know they do read my reviews.

That is why i think the second edition deserves its own little article.

So what’s new?

As i said, at first glance, the new Anomaly Evolution Edition 2 looks the same, but with watches, the devil is in the details.

  • The Second Edition now comes in more colors, and my personal preference is the steel version with the small touches of red! A simple and serious watch, but with a bit of fun.
  • Reduced the thickness by 1,5 mm, which doesn’t seem like much, but in the watch world, it is.
  • Water resistance increased to 100 Meters. That makes it swimmable since i wouldn’t recommend swimming with a 50 or 30 meters water resistance.
  • A strengthened crown, which I am not sure what entails. It could be a reinforced stem, which is always good.
  • A twice as strong lume. They are probably using BGW9, which is one of the best lumes you can get and gives of a blue light.
  • Increased precision to 7+- seconds a day.


The second edition of the Anomaly Evolution retains the same design elements that made the first edition so great, but with increased quality and refinements that only watch enthusiasts usually appreciate.

Since i can highly recommend the first edition after having it in my own hands, i can safely recommend the next version line line, without concerns.

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