Sevenfriday – Daring and unique

By Frederik Drost
Sevenfriday – Daring and unique
The SEVENFRIDAY P Series watches are unique and bold timepieces with a vibrant design, featuring a well-made construction and custom components. Although it is on the larger side, the watch stands out for its craftsmanship and distinctive aesthetic.


For many of us watch enthusiasts, SEVENFRIDAY does not need an introduction. They have been in the game of making unique and crazy watches for years (and rather cool sunglasses), and you can even see them in some physical stores around the world. 

But for those lucky ones who get to discover the brand for the first time, be ready for a wild ride. The key elements here are unique, bold, colorful, and crazy. 

I present to you, the Sevenfriday P3C/10 “BEACH CLUB”.

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Pros and cons


  • Unique and bold
  • Well-made
  • 100% custom, no generic parts


  • Big watch – Will only fit larger wrists
  • Lume could be better on the hands

Specifications for the PC3/10 “Beach Club”


The Brand

Sevenfriday, as a brand, unabashedly challenges the status quo of conventional watch design. Their creations are not necessarily meant for universal appeal, but those who find them enchanting become their most ardent admirers. 

Despite a consistent theme of non-conformity across their product range, certain standout pieces have made it to their ‘hall of fame‘, embodying an extra dash of defiance.

Although they’ve dipped their toes into creating stylish sunglasses and trendy apparel, it’s their daring watch designs that continue to turn heads and seize the spotlight.

Sevenfriday’s brand mantra, “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me”, captures their spirit perfectly: prioritizing the emotive over the logical, actions over words, and creative innovation over unchallenged norms.


Sevenfriday’s packaging exemplifies the art of delivering uniqueness and enjoyment, without substantially inflating the cost of the watch it encases.

Crafted to mimic the aesthetic of a hefty wooden shipping crate, the custom box has a charm all its own. It harkens back to an adventurous scene straight from a vintage Indiana Jones film, filled with a bounty of artifacts or exotic fruits, traversing the jungles on an old propeller plane. 

Such creative flair truly sets Seven Friday apart.


The essence of this Sevenfriday watch can be summed up in four words: bold, unique, vibrant, and delightfully offbeat. Every element of its design is crafted to command attention.

The casing is an architectural marvel featuring multiple layers: a core of transparent turquoise acetate encircled by white acetate and held together by polished metal. This combination lends a simple case design an added layer of depth and character.

Turquoise (Pantone 3125c), while being the secondary color of the watch, truly steals the spotlight. A thin line of this hue elegantly runs around the bezel, extending to the crown, dial, and buckle, creating a subtle but captivating contrast. It’s a testament to the thoughtful incorporation of a lively color without becoming overwhelming.

Sevenfriday P series watch dial

The dial is intricate and multi-layered, yet it maintains clarity. A blend of different finishes, strategic cut-outs, and the tasteful dash of turquoise makes this watch feel complete. It carries an industrial aesthetic that remains consistent throughout the design.

Upon closer examination, one discovers an array of discreetly inscribed details, including the water resistance and model name. This nod to nuance speaks to the meticulous attention to detail Sevenfriday invests in their creations.

I have a particular fondness for the seconds display – a revolving glass disc marked with dual indicators ensuring the current second is always visible. The 24-hour display also introduces a playful twist with its rotating disc featuring AM and PM markers.

In the grand scheme of things, Sevenfriday has hit the bullseye with this design in their P series. They’ve woven complexity and consistency together into a well-balanced, visually pleasing design that is bound to stir conversation, as most innovative designs tend to do.

For the connoisseur, a Sevenfriday watch is instantly recognizable; for the unacquainted, it piques curiosity and sparks engaging questions.


All in all, the superb quality of the SEVENFRIDAY P Series stands unquestioned. The asking price is rightly justified considering the abundant use of custom components, diverse materials, and meticulous details that are part and parcel of the timepiece’s overall appeal.


The watch case is a clever fusion of see-through and opaque acetate, held together by metal, yet it astonishingly maintains a water resistance of up to 100M.

Sevenfriday P series watch

The finish on the bezel and case-back is impeccable. The polished components reflect like mirrors, offset perfectly by the contrasting beat-blasted surfaces. A petite inner ring on the bezel, featuring a similar beat-blasted finish, is distinctively set apart by a painted turquoise line.

In essence, the case is a complex structure that necessitates considerable effort and investment to assemble, yet this complexity serves to elevate the timepiece well beyond a simple curiosity for its dial.


Sevenfriday P series watch

The design of the crown is notably intriguing, sporting characteristics not commonly found on timepieces. On one hand, the toothed side lays flat, showcasing large, distant serrations that provide a surprisingly effective grip. Its aesthetics are remarkable and its functionality, in an unexpected way, is commendable.

Sevenfriday P series watch

Turning our attention to the front, the crown boasts a striking metallic emblem encircled by vibrant turquoise paintwork. The logo, with its sunburst finish, commands attention as it radiates outward from its center. This dynamic effect is accentuated due to the logo’s non-circular nature.

The threading of the crown, though slightly coarse, is uniformly executed. Despite the crunchy feel, the crown is quite straightforward to unscrew, and once it’s done, it gives off a sturdy and stable sensation, free from any undesirable wobble.

Dial & Hands

The dial is an absolute marvel, acting as a vibrant canvas where an array of unique elements, finishes, and shapes come together in a harmonious blend that can be best described as an intricate “potpourri”.

It’s a place where you’ll encounter a variety of surface finishes – brushed, bead-blasted, and mirror-polished, all masterfully executed. 

You’ll also observe intriguing detailing around the chapter ring, oval-shaped cutouts on the centerpiece where the hour indices reside (specifically at 12 and 2), and a myriad of beveled and stamped shapes. While all the machined elements are impeccably made, there’s an absence of hand-finishing, which isn’t surprising given the price bracket.

The dial’s metallic components are minimal, limited to three hour indices and the center ring on the minute hand. The indices are supremely sharp, polished to gleaming perfection.

As for the printing across the dial, it’s proficiently done, albeit not extraordinary. That said, the logo is a standout, flawlessly polished and meticulously applied with varying thicknesses for ‘Seven’ and ‘Friday’. This nuanced detailing lends the logo character and contributes to the minimal symmetry found on the dial.

All in all, the dial presents a wondrous array of diverse elements, nuanced design hints, and finishes. It’s expertly crafted and can quickly draw you into its richly detailed world.

The glass

This delightful assortment of dial elements is elegantly showcased beneath a subtly curved sapphire crystal.

The brand’s website remains silent on the presence of anti-reflective (AR) coating, yet there seems to be a hint of it on the underside of the crystal.

The lume

The luminosity on this watch is reserved for just the three metal indices and the two hands, but this suffices for time reading. 

While the brand’s website isn’t explicit about the lume type, it unmistakably carries the hallmark of BGW9 lume, which ranks high on my list of favorites! It emits a radiant blue glow, and although it may not match the intensity of some high-end green C3 superluminova variants, it compensates with a more enduring luminescence.

The indices exude a bright, steady glow, but the hands could use a thicker and more consistent layer of paint. That minor detail aside, it’s relatively easy to tell the time in the dark.

Strap & Buckle

The watch is accompanied by a robust, white genuine leather strap, its stitching tastefully confined near the watch face.

While its thickness harmonizes with the watch’s size, the strap is somewhat rigid and resistant to bending. My preference would lean towards a white rubber strap for this particular watch, providing an enhanced level of comfort.

However, any shortcomings of the strap are effectively compensated for by the magnificent buckle. Custom-made, it boasts a blend of polished and brushed finishes, with a thin turquoise line elegantly bisecting them – a delightful echo of the bezel and dial colors. It’s indeed a striking buckle, playing a role akin to a tie’s in elevating a suit, it uplifts the overall aesthetic of the watch.


The MIYOTA 82S7 is a reliable and precise Japanese-made automatic watch movement commonly used by microbrands where they want to show the balance wheel. Here are its key specifications:

  • Movement Type: Automatic
  • Accuracy: The MIYOTA 82S7 ensures an accuracy -20 ~ +40 seconds per day. This one clocks in at less than that, which is good.
  • Power Reserve: The MIYOTA 82S7 offers a power reserve of approximately 40 hours, allowing the watch to continue operating without manual winding for an extended period.
  • Functions: The movement supports several essential watch functions, including hours, minutes, and off-centered seconds. Additionally, it features a 24-hour indicator, allowing the wearer to track time in a 24-hour format.
  • Visible Balance Wheel: The MIYOTA 82S7 movement includes a visible balance wheel, providing a captivating and dynamic visual element to the watch’s dial.
  • Reliability: As a product of MIYOTA, a renowned Japanese watch movement manufacturer, the 82S7 is built to high-quality standards, ensuring durability and long-term reliability.
  • Compatibility: The movement is compatible with various watch cases and can be incorporated into different watch designs.
  • Popular Application: The MIYOTA 82S7 movement is commonly utilized in watches that aim for a balance between functionality and aesthetics, appealing to both casual and formal occasions.

In summary, the MIYOTA 82S7 is an automatic watch movement that combines reliability, accuracy, and functionality. 

TIP: If this movement was to stop working, it would be cheaper to get a new replacement and worth it considering the price of the watch.

On the wrist

With its intricate design and multi-layered construction, the SEVENFRIDAY P Series effortlessly adorns my wrist, which measures around 17cm in circumference, thanks to its approximate 12mm height.

But let’s be real here, this watch is massive! With a 47mm diameter and a lug width of 28mm, you’ll need a wrist circumference of at least 16cm to truly rock it (at least in my humble opinion).

In a nutshell, wearing this watch is a constant reminder, but surprisingly, given its substantial dimensions, it manages to offer a decent level of comfort.


I think the price is fair.
1200 USD / 1093 EUR

The price is undeniably justifiable when one takes into account the extensive customization required for crafting these timepieces, as well as the intricate construction of both the dial and case. Every penny spent yields its equivalent value.

While it is true that certain watches in a lower price range may boast superior luminescence or case finishing, they simply cannot rival the multitude of custom elements, materials, and finishes present in SEVENFRIDAY’s offerings.


SEVENFRIDAY’s designs possess the remarkable ability to evoke divided opinions among the masses, as any truly distinctive and unconventional design ought to do. 

For those who are enamored by its charms, a delightful and vibrant timepiece awaits, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that garners the attention of curious onlookers or immerses the wearer in solitary enchantment, where the intricate dial becomes a portal to lose oneself within.

Regarding its craftsmanship, rest assured that SEVENFRIDAY’s commitment to quality is impeccable and commensurate with its price range. Therefore, if you have an affinity for their designs, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring their captivating offerings.

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