My New Year’s Eve Outfit

By Frederik Drost
My New Year’s Eve Outfit

This year i really wanted to wear a tuxedo without blending in with the masses! I think the vanilla velour blazer pulled it off in a very understated way 🙂

Another element i rarely see is the pointy bow tie. It goes so well with the peak lapels of this blazer and should, by itself, be enough to stand out. But i will let you be the judge of that!

To crown the whole outfit, i decided to put on my Lorier Falcon gold watch because it matches the slight yellow tones of the blazer! A small gold ring in the opposite hand balances the whole thing out. The dark red pocket square also helps balance out all the white over the belt.

Sidenote: i will try to find white laces for these shoes to further balance the look, alltough it might end up looking too tacky.

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