Customizing your suit – Mixing it up!

By Frederik Drost
Customizing your suit – Mixing it up!

Today i am steering back to some more formal attire, after a few succesive streetwear posts. I have indeed missed writing about suits!
If you’re interested in men’s fashion, you have to have at least 2 suits in your wardrobe. A “business” suit in black or navy blue, and a slightly more fun suit with checks or bright colors. After that there are those, who like me, have a plethora of blazers, shirts, jackets and ties. It allows us to mix several elements, change the look more often and really stand out. But “mixing” the elements is still an art and it can quicly go wrong. Hopefully this look can inspire you to try it out without looking like a “clown”.

For this look, I avoided wearing elements of the same suit:

  • I am wearing a pair of navy blue chinos Gants Tech Prep line (which I tested not so long ago) and they goe with just about everything, making them a safe base for the look. The blazer is also navy blue, but with dark orange checks. It is therefore a relatively safe choice.
  • The waistcoat is less formal, because it is a mix of cotton giving it a “rougher” look. I could have chosen a checkered waistcoat, but in tha case, make sure the tiles are the same size or smaller than the blazer’s tiles. And for the “haters” who will notice that I wear a belt with my waistcoat, I don’t care! I love this belt (Louis Vitton vintage) and since the belt buckle is square, I don’t think it stick out too much.
  • To stay within the blue theme, I took a blue shirt with small checks (so small they are hard to distinguish on the pictures).
  • The tie is the element that catches the eye, that sticks out, and you always need one of those! The navy blue goes with the rest, and the orange comes out very well, but without bein over the top, because the blazer also has orange elements. If you do not have “flashy” ties, a pocket square will do the trick!
  • I chose a vintage Omega gold watch, as i think i goes well with the smaller orange elements of the look.
  • I must thank Pashmina & Kashmir for the great scarf I wear with this outfit! They have unfortunately exhausted the stock of the scarf in question, but I am sure they will be happy to contact you by email when they have more coming in.
  • Finally, I took out my Stefan Janoski NIKE slip-ons, made with grandmother curtains 🙂 Absolutely perfect shoes to stand out from the crowd while wearing a suit!

If you do not have the means, or the desire, to buy several blazers and pants, stay on the waistcoats. With 2 suits and 3 vest, you can create 24 different outfits!



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