The coolest movie jackets

By Frederik Drost
The coolest movie jackets

If there is a media where you can find clothing inspiration, apart from fashion blogs, it’s in movies. At the same time, movies employ professionals to find or create actors costumes, and the result can often define the fashion of a period. I myself have the Starlord jacket from Guardians of the Galaxy in leather, which looks a lot like the Michael Jackson jacket in Thriller.

Some tips before buying a movie jacket

  • Always read reviews on Amazon if you buy from this site.
  • Buy on specialized websites in movie jackets, or large sites with a good reputation. or fjackets are 2 good sites.
  • Look well at the measurements, and not just rely on the size, to make sure the jacket fits you.

Starlord’s jacket from Guardians of the Galaxy

Burgundy red leather, full of details and a touch of the 80s! What more to ask for? this jacket is super well designed and goes very well with the retro theme of the film. It’s a really well made jacket and i bought mine on Amazon right here.

Wolverine’s jacket

A classic from the comic books, but better worn in the many movies where Hugh Jackman takes the role of the infamous Wolverine. This is a jacket that doesn’t stand out too much, and people will surely not notice that this is the jacket from the film (but they will still enjoy it). Buy it here (and be sure to use it so that it looks nice and worn like in the movie).

Bane’s coat

In Christopher Nolan’s third film, The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is played by Tom Hardy. This character is not dressed to please, but to be effective, yet his coat has not escaped my fashion blogger’s eye. It is an ultra-masculine coat, practical and warm.
There are several jackets on the market that look a lot like this jacket, so you don’t have to look for the exact jacket in the movie to sport the look. You can buy it here !

He also wears another jacket in the film which is really nice too and worth mentionning.

Officer K coat from Blade Runner 2049

A practical, unique and memorable coat! It was already on sale before the release of the film, thanks to the trailer showing the jacket up close. I especially like the fact that the collar can close up to protect the neck, and it goes up very high! This coat goes well for an urban workwear style and cold and windy climates. Buy it here !

Tom Hardy’s pilot jacket in Dunkirk

A classic jacket, which is found in many variations and especially websites specializing in military clothing. I have one myself that I will use in my next look on the blog. Originally, this jacket was used by the British pilots, because the cockpit could get pretty cold in high altitudes, due to the rudimentary cockpits at the time. Buy it here!

Newt Scamander’s coat from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

It is a rather classic coat, which is distinguished only by its large lapels and its folded sleeves with leather details. This coat is for the man who loves ties and suits, and the movies are also full of inspiration on how to dress fancy and old school. Buy it here!

Tony Starks hoodie in Avengers: Infinity War

I have already mentioned Mr. Rober Downey Jr. on this blog, for his impeccable, yet risky, style. I already have 3 of the sunglasses that he wears in Marvel films (look here). The many costumes he wears, his way of wearing loose ties and the fact that he often wears sneakers with his suits, makes him a great sartorial inspiration for me. In Avengers: Infinity War he wears a hooded sweater / jacket that we see briefly at the beginning of the film, and that one caught my eye.
This sweater is a bit technical, but there is nothing wrong with that. Perfect for jogging for outdoor sports, or for the sporty everyday look.

Buy the entire set here or just the jacket here!

Ryan Gosling’s jacket in Drive

This jacket had a buzz after the release of the film, and it is even on the cover of the film! Satin, big logo of a scorpion on the back and the classic short cut of the bomber. What more to ask for?

Buy it here!


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