The Lorier Gemini – Retro inspired chronograph

By Frederik Drost
The Lorier Gemini – Retro inspired chronograph

Lorier has a history of impressing me with their designs, and their new affordable chronograph watch is another model that keep the tradition alive. How can you go wrong with such a clean panda dial? You can’t…

There are obvious Daytona hints in the watch, but i think they have designed something unique, while borrowing from the past. And it would’t be a Lorier without the plexiglass sitting on top, and i thank them for keeping that a part of their collections.

They have pushed down the price by using a Seagull movement, and i hope i can get my hands on it so i can review it. I will of course do my research, since i haven’t had much experience with those movements. They could have opted for a Seiko VK64A movements, but that would go against the retro feel they like to maintain.

If you’re not a fan of pre-order, like myself, the watch should be available in January. Go check it out for yourself here.

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