New Marc & Sons Bronze GMT’s

By Frederik Drost
New Marc & Sons Bronze GMT’s

Marc & Sons has just released a new collection of bronze GMT watches with all the classic colors we have grown to love, and some new ones!

Somewhat a risky move if you ask me, since i have noticed that bronze watches is a a trend that is slowly fading away. But there will always be hardcore bronze fans and it was about time they added that option to their collection.

My personal favourits are the pepsi version and the full green version. Green is truly in fashion these days when speaking of watches, and i think it goes well with the bronze case. I have never been a big “batman” bezel fan myself, but i know i mostly stand alone on that opinion, making that color option a wise choice from the brand.

As for the quality, i have only heard good thins about Marc & Sons, but i will try to review one of their latest models for you guys in the near future.

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