Matching denim outfit made in China

By Frederik Drost
Matching denim outfit made in China

Street-wear used to be something for a select for individuals like skaters, hip-hop fanatics and other urban dwellers of the society. Today, it has become more mainstream and high-end brands started emergin with crazy design, and crazy prices. Today, a young internet basec ompany CEO is more often seen rocking Off-White denim jackets and a pair of limited edition Nikes, than a traditional suit. Luckily, smaller brands and webshops have also emerged with riskier designs made in China and that is what i will be trying today.

Boutique Streetwear is a french shop that collects such items, and i have to admit i love their collections! They were kind enough to send me a complete denim outfit for me to try on, and boy is it something.

Tracksuits have been around for a while, allthough their purpose have changed over the years. Starting as purely a sports outfit, the relaxed style quiclky became popular amongts rappers who had this relaxed and laidback attitude. Of course, it doesn’t take long before other “commoners” picks up the style 🙂

The new age street-wear has actually turned away from the traditional tracksuits a bit, alltough they are still around. Japan is becoming a larger influence on the street-wear scene, and they often wear bolder colors and prints, crazy pants with straps hanging from them and weird hats and women sunglasses. They also love oversized pants and matching their outfit.

The outfit i am wearing definately has some of that japanese DNA in it. Big oversized pants, big jacket and matching colors yet contrasting placement. It’s quite lovely actually, but i do prefer tighter pants in general.

As for the quality of these chinese made street-wear outfits, you get what you pay for. It’s thin denim, roughly sown button holes and cheaper buttons. But it works! It looks dope and can take the normal wear and tear of everyday urban life. For the price, i can only recommend it!

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