Matching your outfit using the color wheel

By Frederik Drost
Matching your outfit using the color wheel

For this look i decided to go “scientific” and use the color wheel to match the colors of my outfit. Using the Triad color combination, you create the best and most balanced form of contrast in your outfit. The triad where you choose 3 colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel. I love combining red and blue, so all i needed is yellow to complete the “triad” look.

Triad color combination

I choose to use gold instead of yellow, since bright yellow is harder to pull off and i didn’t have any yellow items in my wardrobe. I also never wear pure red, but instead bordeaux or burgundy. You can also match the watch to your outfit for an even more detailed outfit. Check out my watch reviews here.

It’s always good to have one neutral item (grey, black or white) that is not any of the colours on the wheel. It could be a jacket, a t-shirt or the pants.

Here’s how everything is matching:

  • The blue t-shirt matches the blue tint on the sunglasses, the laces of the shoes and the exterior Nike logo on my shoes.
  • The bordeaux pants matches the interior Nike logo of my shoes and the red leather temple tips of my sunglasses (you can’t see it, so you have to trust me)
  • The gold shoes matches the two tone gold bracelet of my watch and my gold bracelets. You can check out my instagram if you want to see the watch up close.

On a small sidenote, i started wearing an old Pull-In keychain strap out of my back pocket. This was something a lot of the kids did when i was young in the franch alps, and i think i looks pretty rad!

Because i stayed within the logic of the color wheel, i can pull off a very colorful look, without it being to much or confusing. Check out more pictures of the outfit below!

For this look i used the color wheel to match the colours of my outfit, using triad colours. Check it out!


Joab 28/07/2019 - 22:18

Definitely a nice combo!

aviator jackets 16/08/2023 - 10:14

Fashion has been continuously changing with new trends! Great combo, would like to share it with my male friends.


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