I tried an exclusive matchmaking service- Beski Matchmakers

By Frederik Drost
I tried an exclusive matchmaking service- Beski Matchmakers

Get ready for a slightly different post here on Hype & Style! Yes, you read correctly. I have tried a private matchmaking service and I thought I would share my experience for those, who are seriously looking for love, those who are considering trying a matchmaking service or simply for those who are curious.

Firstly, I was surprised by the fact that these services still exist, considering the number of online dating services. I was also surprised to have been chosen to try such a service, although I can see the need for it to be shared. But even in the midst of all the surprises, I couldn’t help but feeling that my inherent curiosity was lit up!


The lovely CEO of Beski Matchmakers, Anastasia Beschi

The lovely CEO of Beski Matchmakers, Anastasia Beschi

In this “review”, I will be talking about the process of signing up, creating your profile and meeting potential candidates. I will also talk about who could benefit from a matchmaking service such as  this and have the CEO respond to a few questions. This will hopefully answer any questions you may have, and perhaps put to rest the potential doubt anyone could have concerning using a matchmaking service.

So what exactly do you sign up for?


The process

No matter where you are in the process, you always have direct email, phone or Skype contact with Anastasia, the owner. I assume most other matchmaking services also have this personal communication embedded in the process, as it would ensure a better understanding of the clients.


Before the process of being ‘matched’

There are several documents that need to be filled in and signed before you start the process of being ‘matched’:

  • A very complete document with several questions about one’s personal life, job, wishes, considerations for your potential match and many other blank boxes that needs to be completed. This would definitely help potential matches filter out the wrong person before even being able to contact them. Anastasia also contacted me with feedback on that document, trying to reformulate some of my answers as; they could be misinterpreted by any potential matches. This shows that the owner has great interest in her clients and their success.
  • Other legal documents have to be signed to ensure the clients privacy and data are respected. You also sign a document that consents to letting the agency handle your data. This is not different from most dating sites and apps, the process is just different.

After all this, the owner contacted me to set up a Skype meeting to do a more in depth interview with me. Another hint at how she is invested in the process and the success of her clients.


The matchmaking process

What’s great about this process, compared to dating sites and apps, is that you really don’t have to do much. Anastasia Beschi was sending me potential matches and setting everything up for a phone or Skype call. As of now, the 2 matches I was introduced to were really charming and serious girls.

I contacted a lovely lady from Luxembourg, we had a long talk about her life situation, what she was looking for and many other things, but I realised that we were looking for different things. After this meeting, I was promptly contacted by the owner for feedback on our first meeting. She constantly takes in feedback to better serve you the next time, which again, is another hint to how personalised and involved the process is.


Why use a matchmaking service?

Private matchmaking is not for everyone

I’m 25 years old and it seems that most people using these services are older than me. They are looking for something serious and are usually career people. I assume this is because this type of service is tailored for people who have devoted all their time to the professional field and who   travel to other countries regularly. Also, do not be afraid to meet people outside of your country, even if it is not a necessity (the fact that I live in Denmark did not help) This is, of course, based on my short experience and assumptions, which is why I have included an interview with the owner further down.

These are the advantages I can see:

  • Time saving. If you are very busy, this is worth trying.
  • Serious candidates looking for a serious relationship or starting a family.
  • Higher matchmaking potential, meaning you don’t waste your time with unsuccessful dates.
  • Bigger range. You will most likely meet people you would never meet on regular dating apps.

If you fit the description I mentioned earlier, there are almost no disadvantages to using a private matchmaking service, except perhaps if the price is too high for you.


Interview with the CEO of Beski Matchmakers

  • So, how did you get into the matchmaking business? Was this something you always wanted to do?

As a student, I did an internship in a dating agency in Russia and a few years later I became a client. This job has always interested me for his contact with people. People who are only asking for a helping hand to help them find a soul mate. But it was only a decade later that I decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship. During my various studies of the market in Europe, I realised that there was no really modern dating agency. This gave me the idea to create an agency that could change the bad reputation and preconceptions about personalized dating services.

Today, as CEO of Beski Matchmakers, I believe I can perfectly meet the needs of my clients; sometimes even before they are aware of it.


  • In what countries do you operate? In which countries do you have the most clients?

I mostly work with European citizens and Eastern Europe. We also have clients from the USA. We are more focused on France, Benelux, Germany and the UK.


  • What’s the average age of your clients?

I mostly work with the generation of 25-45 y.o. … I was surprised when I saw that many young people also come to me to find their soul mates. My counterparts in other countries – they tend to be mid forties  and older and their clients tend to be older than mine.


  • How many candidates does it usually take before a client finds a partner?

Everything is individual. Some of my couples were created at ‘first match’. For some clients it takes more time to understand what he/she is really looking for, how to be in a relationship and how to act effectively. You know, more time I pass with a client,  better I help them to determine the best strategy and how to present themselves.


  • How often do you successfully set up people from different countries?

It happens all the time. Being based in small Luxembourg with France, Belgium and Germany all around us. We match people from different countries every day. Long-distance relationships only work if one of the 2 clients is willing to change his/her life/environment for love. We have great couples matched between Russia – Belgium, Russia-Luxembourg, Netherlands – Luxembourg, UK – Germany, France – Italy.


  • I have talked about who could benefit from your service. What kind of person would you recommend uses your service? What is their situation in life?

Matchmaking services are not for everyone. Only people with serious intentions and motivation should use it.  By this I mean; people who are ready to change their life and invest the necessary time in the process.  A person who says they have no time to find a soul mate can count on us to make this search his/her priority. We only work with financially independent and sophisticated singles.


  • What do you think is important to maintain a strong and healthy relationship?

Mutual respect and willingness to be able to make a compromise, despite your principles. It is not a question of changing one’s personality to satisfy his/her partner, on the contrary, it would have the opposite effect. Even for two people meant to be together, differences may arise over time. It is therefore essential to take a step back and communicate with your partner.


I have to thank Anastasia from Beski Matchmakers for letting me try her services and answering my questions. Hopefully this has answered all of your questions, but should you have any, please comment below and I will make sure to answer as quickly as possible! Feel like finding love? Check out the site: Beski Matchmakers


Luc 02/04/2019 - 22:00

Thank you for sharing this experience. Do they have non-paying option for singles?

frederik 03/04/2019 - 13:40

I don’t think so since the registration requires a lot of work from their side.


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