Formel yet relaxed

By Frederik Drost
Formel yet relaxed

To master the formel yet relaxed look, I always start by putting on a pair of jeans and leather sneakers. The rest doesn’t matter, because these 2 items will make the rest seem relaxed. Colorful jeans or chinos are even more casual from my point of view and the denim shirt also helps a lot in giving it a relaxed feel. I tried to match the color of the jeans with the tie and the hankerchief to keep that golden shade that I love so much and that complements my beard.
The choice of the double breasted blazer does go against the casual look because this type of blazer is very formal and is rarely worn open, but the checked pattern and the relative short fit makes it less formal.

The blazer comes from one of my favorite brands: Bertoni of Denmark! I have already shown 2 suits from this brand, including a red suit with large checks that remains my favorite suit to this date! The model I wear uses bamboo fabric and it’s their Stretch model, so it’s stretchy and very thin which makes it very comfortable despite being a relatively tight double breasted blazer.

This look is really a good way to catch attention, and the right kind of attention aswell 🙂 But a lot of it also rests in the attitude, and this really awesome guide will surely help you unlock that potential aswell.


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