Undone X Batman – Another cool watch collab!

By Frederik Drost
Undone X Batman – Another cool watch collab!

Undone is at it again with another crazy watch collab! This time, it’s the caped crusader whos is in for a treat! This should get all the dad’s out there horned up on nostalgia!

It’s UNDONE’s first titanium watch and features the infamous Seiko VK64A meca-quartz movement. They call it flyback on the website, but it’s only “semi-flyback” as far as i know, but otherwise a great movement with a mechanical feel to it! It’s a limited edition watch (so decide quickly) and i advise you to check out their well crafted landing page right here.

As for the desing, i will let these images speak for themselves… Not everyone’s cup of tea, but i think they look pretty badass!

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