The perfect sneakers to wear with a suit

By Frederik Drost
The perfect sneakers to wear with a suit

Those who know me well know that I love my sneakers, so much so that I refuse to leave them, even when I put on a suit or blazer. no worries, I do not put on my old ripped skate shoes, but rather a pair of very clean leather or suede shoes.

I find them more comfortable and it gives off a nonchalance that I find necessary for my style to reflect my personality. If an outfit is too perfect, and all the elements coordinated to perfection, one exudes an air of perfectionist. Not that it’s bad, but for my part I find that the charm lies in the small imperfections.

So, when I came across the new Le Coq Sportif shoe pack called “smoking”, I could not help but share them on the blog! It’s a pack that revisits a classic shoe fron the brand, all in black and white, with minimalistic details. You can find 2 pairs here (on this site they also sell the model LCS R9XX Lea which is not bad too).

Check them out!

This model is not part of the smoking pack, but it is available on the Hanon Shop and does fit a suit pretty well.

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