The Aventi A-10 – Crowdfunding is live!

By Frederik Drost
The Aventi A-10 – Crowdfunding is live!

The new badboy of microbrand watches has arrived, and it looks crazy! The popularity of colorful, bold automatic luxury watches sure has created a market for these inventive microbrands to put out some crazy creations.

Fitted with a unique and crazy case design and a chinese toubillon, one can only wonder, after having fallen in love with the design, if the quality will match the price. I have been in contact with the brand, i might get one to review for you guys, so stay tuned!

Chinese movements are getting better and better, and chinese doesn’t always rhyme with bad quality. But if you love the looks and history of these mechanical wonders, Aventi is a good place to start!

Check out their crowdfunding page here (allready more than fully founded btw).

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