Reviewing Techné Watches – Affordable pilot watches

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Reviewing Techné Watches – Affordable pilot watches

I had the pleasure of testing 2 watches from Techné Watches, a high-end quartz watch brand. The guys behind this brand are also responsible for the launch of the Siduna mechanical watch, which I had the pleasure to test too.

I chose 2 contrasting models for this test, and at first glance their design is very apealing. You can clearly see that they were inspired by the military look and the aviation world.

The Merlin 296 Riveted model (left) is a more elegant and classier model with a thin case. I was pleasantly surprised by this watch because i felt the quality immediately and I even feel like i am wearing a mechanical 2000 dollar mechanical watch. I love the design which is quite unique and especially the shape of the needles and the the glass  which is round instead of being flat like many watches. The case is relatively small but it reinforces the elegant side of the watch.

The model Harrier 367 Carbon UTC is more “sporty” model and reminds me of a watch that a soldier would wear in combat. The case is made with a carbon reinforced polymer, which makes it very light and strong. It’s the most comfortable watch in my collection, but I only wear it with casual clothes or when I play sports. I took this model because I was attracted by the unique design with the green needle that makes a complete turn a day. They have several models that look like this one, but there are only 2 carbon models, and I recommend them for anyone doing manual work like construction or outdoor activities.

If you are looking for a quality watch with an original design, Techné Watches can surely meet your needs without breaking your bank account. I highly recommend this brand.

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