Bolido X – Live on Kickstarter!

By Frederik Drost
Bolido X – Live on Kickstarter!

I had the great honour and pleasure of reviewing the Bolido Core a while back, and now they are back with something new! The new Bolido X will keep the award winning design that got them started, but with a few upgrades. Bigger size, turning bezel and a more functional dial design (timer bezel and logarythmic bezel). One of my only complaints in my review was the size of the watch, especially on that bracelet, so you can imagine how happy i was to hear the news! I was also pleased to see they got the COSC certification!

To the left is the new Boldio X prototype compared to the previous model

I was also lucky to get a few quick wristshots of the new prototypes from one of the founders! I am sorry for the quality of the above picture, the rest are fresh of the production line !

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