Siduna – A resuscitated watch

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Siduna – A resuscitated watch

When I learned that a hundred-year-old automatic watch brand had been revived by a Belgian a few hundred kilometers from my home in Aarhus, it immediately seized my interest. A Belgian gentleman named Francis Jacquerye, a watch designer who specializes in designs inspired by classic models, decided to revive this old watch brand. With the help of Peter Wadbro, who worked for 10 years in customer service for major brands such as Breitling, Omega and Rolex, he released a watch inspired by the past.

Francis has already designed watches for Longines based on museum pieces and archives from the past, so he’s the right man to pick when it comes to creating a watch that honors the past and the military standard used by the Swedish Air Force in the 70’s. The model is rather nice with its minimalist but classic design and can be easily imagined on the handle of a Swedish pilot of the 70s. It’s relatively heavy but for this kind of watch it is to be expected, but with its leather quality bracelet it remains firmly attached to my wrist. I think this watch is quite low key and would therefore go well with a luxury bracelet for men, and i highly recommend Azuro Republic for that purpose.

The production of the first 100 watches will be completed November 2018 but can already be reserved on their website. Fortunately they were nice enough to lend me a prototype of the watch for me to test and shoot with.

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