Rec RWB ready for pre-order!

By Frederik Drost
Rec RWB ready for pre-order!

The newest creation from the Danish watchbrand REC is, as usual, outstanding and automobile inspired. REC uses metal from scrapped cars and planes to create very cool watches. Not only is the watch made from the vehicles they embody, but they also feature design elements from those vehicles. They have truly taken themed watches to the next level.

This model is made from the original RWB porsche and features design elements from those exact cars. I will let the creators explain exactly what elements, just visit the 2 links under here and scroll to the bottom of the page 🙂

901 RWB Stella

901 RWB Rotana

I might get my hands on one for a review and a chance to see how well made their watches really are! If not, i will review one of their other models so that you guys can get an idea of the value proposition.

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