Meet Patta – A success story from Amsterdam

By Frederik Drost
Meet Patta – A success story from Amsterdam

Patta is a Dutch success story … A story of two men who traveled the world, pockets filled with cash, to smuggle sneakers back to Amsterdam. Sneakers that the locals hadn’t seen or could not get so easily. Their love for sneakers and their desire to share the unique around them has allowed them to forge a boutique and a brand in this wonderful city.

Like many other streetwear and skate shops with a local reputation, they started making t-shirts for their loyal customers, local competitions and employees. It could have stopped there and I’m glad that’s not the case, because today Patta gives the world colthes that rock and interesting collaborations while providing the world, and locals with great sneakers.

But don’t just believe me blindly! Let the images speak for themselves… Here is their 2018 spring / summer lookbook and a collaboration between the brand and Double Goose.


This jacket is off the chain! I love the high collar but i couldn’t find it on their online store. Money saved i guess 🙁

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