Jack Magnan python bracelet and accessories

By Frederik Drost
Jack Magnan python bracelet and accessories

I was recently contacted by a young french gentleman who started his own brand of male accessories, in honour of his deceased grandfather Jacques Magnan. I always applaud people who decide to start their own brand, especially when it’s a fashion brand. This young entrepreneurs allready created a relatively large community around his brand, with over 20 000 fans of Instagram and 18 000 on Facebook. He changed the Jacques to Jack and Jack Magnan was born. It’s the first time i see a brand with such a story, and i must admit i do like it. If i die, wouldn’t it be appropriate to create a fashion brand in my name?

To be honest, when i first browsed through his products i wasn’t blown away. The anchor bracelets is something i see a lot of everywhere, and the t-shirts could be a little more original instead of just the name and logo (a few of the caps are actually pretty neat). But that was quickly overshadowed by all of his Python bracelets and wallets! Awesome would be the right word to use here, but then i have always been a fan of snake and aligator leather! So this is a very subjective point of view! Nevertheless, i had to try the yellow python bracelet, and it now one of my favourtie leather bracelets (and i have plenty).

These bracelets also come in blue, grey and black, just like the small wallets, keychains and metal bracelets, which also has python leather on them. Unfortunately, the website is only in french, but you can still browse the products here. If you want something, you can always send him an email with the product you want, and he will surely accomdate you! Check out his products here.

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