How to choose your swimwear

By Frederik Drost
How to choose your swimwear

Choosing swimwear is a real struggle sometimes. This concern dates back in the 1930s, when swimsuits as we know them began to appear. The striped cotton rompers were replaced by bathing shorts.

As soon as you decide to pass the Zara / H & M stage to stop changing every year, to finally have a swimsuit that has a real personality, we realize that it is not obvious to find one’s way. One of the first reasons why it’s the difficulty of understanding what makes the value of swimwear. For a shirt, pants or t-shirt, we know how to identify a beautiful material, a beautiful cut or a good workmanship. Doing this evaluation on a swimsuit is more difficult.

Before asking the question of what brand, first ask the question of the type of swimwear.

If you’re carved like Daniel Craig, and assume your Italian side, you can dare the tight-fitting swim shorts. Attention, if you have let yourself go a little, these models do not forgive. The tight fit is certainly flattering for the most athletic of us, but it is eliminatory for the (90%) of others. Not everyone can get out of the sea in the Bahamas like James Bond, unfortunately.

For others, the choice is between two types of swimsuits: board shorts, and … shorts. The small speedos is simply out of the question.

If you are going to surf in Costa Rica or Sri Lanka, take a boardshort. Its length will protect your legs from the wax, and also the back of your knees from sunburn (waiting for a wave may be long). But if you do not surf, avoid the board short. It is not particularly flattering to the figure, and if you are not slender there is a risk of filling out the silhouette. The 2000s have passed, fashion has changed.

If you go to the beach to chill, with probable trip at the beach bar, an evening on a terrace that drags on without a trip home, then the shorts becomes the most judicious choice.
At once practical (Not too long so that you get a prefect tan and doesn’t get that wet tissue between your thighs) and elegant if cut right, it is the perfect item for your holidays.
So, how to choose the right one? Once again, the tissue will always be synthetic. A cotton swimsuit, even if it exists, is not the wisest choice. Long to dry, sticky to the skin, this is clearly not the best choice. To choose a swimsuit, we must focus on the details that makes the value of the product:
  • The quality of the seams will obviously make up for a lot of the quality of a swim shorts. The care given to the outer seams is important, but also the inner thread. These are the ones that will make the best indicator of the care taken in the making of the product.
  • The inner net: on low-end swimshorts, its material and shape can quickly become irritating for your thighs. All synthetic materials are not equal, and the brands that work best will choose thicker and softer materials for more comfort. I personally prefer shorts without the net.
  • The frit of the short. A swim short must be stylish while being comfortable, in case you are going to a game of beach volleyball. Choose straight cuts that flatter the silhouette while remaining comfortable and practical.
  • Finally, the drawstring. If you look carefully at your swimshorts from your local fast fashion store, they are either knotted or finished with a tip of poor quality. In high-end brands, they are much more resistant, and pass in metal eyelets. The purpose of metal eyelets is not only to make pretty, but to ensure that the swimsuit will not be damaged tightening after tightening.

I have found this french brand recently and they have some sweet models for you guys to enjoy. The brand is called Chateau Landon and you can find them on

Alors, et vous, quel est votre style de maillot pour cet été ?

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