Mini Guide – How to start wear rings for men

By Frederik Drost
Mini Guide – How to start wear rings for men

Hello everyone!

I have slowly turned myself towards men’s rings for several reasons. First, I always admired the men who wore them, and second, it was one of the few items missing in my wardrobe. When one is interested in fashion like me, it’s hard to ignore something as important (and imposing) as the ring. So i decided to go crazy and i bought 6 of them to start with. If you want to start wearing rings, i wouyld highly suggets you don’t start with a ring that is too expensive. I bought a few for 30 dollars, and on for 100 (silver).

If you are hesitating to buy yourself a ring, but htought about it, there are some rules that I observed so to not regret your purchase:

  • Simple and round rings are harder to wear alone and is better combined with other rings. This is because they are more feminine.
  • Square and geometric rings are the most masculine.
  • Look closely at the overall size of the ring. I recommend starting with a relatively small square ring without too many details. I think this will lower the risk of regretting and not wearing the ring. (you will see the difference in my photos).
  • If you have a slightly pink skin and you tan like shit (like me), silver is for you. If on the contrary, you tan well and your skin has warm tones, it’s gold that you need.
  • Start slowly. Do not wear more than two rings and concentrate on one hand. The two rings should not be on touching fingers (I really like wearing them on the little finger and the “fuck-you” finger).
  • Do not start buying rings in gold or silver, because if you don’t feel the swag, it’s a lot of money lost.
  • Never mix gold and silver. Also think about the bracelet of your watch and other body jewelry. Leather watch bracelets goes well with gold.

Tungsten rings are light but very durable, but considerably cheap.

Tungsten rings are light but very durable, but considerably cheap.


Alex 09/02/2020 - 12:54

I like to wear w thumb ring and a index ring and a pinky ring on the same hand is that okay also how many rings on each hand should you wear not to look sleezy

Frederik Drost 09/02/2020 - 19:01

Hi Alex,

I Think it’s all about balance.. I have seen guys wearing one on each finger, but they tend to have rings on both hands as well as many bracelets (look at Johnny Depp)…

I personally like 3 rings on the right hand and one big on the left.. I have never worn more than that

Mitchell Doughty 13/02/2020 - 11:41

Hi Mitchell here,
I wear a whole bunch of rings! On my left hand I have an antique 18ct gold ring set with a emerald and 6 diamonds around the emerald. On my ring finger I have a signet ring with M & B on it made by a jeweller in 9ct gold. Then my wedding band in front of the signet, then my engagement ring set with diamonds in 9ct gold in front of the wedding band.
On my right hand I have on my middle finger a big square Sterling Silver beard season ambassador ring. On my ring finger a vintage English hallmarked 9ct gold carnelian ring. Then on my pinky a second hand 9ct gold blue stone ring. I love rings and I am always looking for more to add to my collection. I love antique, vintage and estate gold rings, plain or set with stones. My ultimate is the American style championship game ring.

Frederik Drost 15/02/2020 - 16:12

Hi Mitchell,

Sounds like you have an nice collection! I am almost jealous 🙂

I do like old silver rings for the most, like weird shapes and big square ones… My favourite is my vontage Gucci ring with the 2 G’s! It’s banging!

Keep rocking those rings!


Frederik Drost

Trung 21/08/2020 - 18:42

I intend to wear 2 rings on my left hand, a silver one in my middle finger and a black one in my pinky finger. Both of them are round and simple.
Does that seem okay or should it be the same color for 2 rings? In that case, what color it should be? I prefer black but i rarely see men wearing that color.
And does wearing one in middle finger and index finger seems normal because i prefer to have a ring in my index finger, too.

Frederik Drost 28/08/2020 - 11:08

Hi there!

Black is very understated and i personally don’t mind. But mixing colors is not something i recommend, but it’s usually for people mixing gold and silver. Black kind of suits everyting, so silver and black would befinatley work 🙂



Nathan 25/11/2020 - 17:25

Can I wear a relatively ‘present’ in the means of thicc square silver signet ring on the same hand together with a silver watch and not wear anything at all on the other hand?

Frederik Drost 25/11/2020 - 19:53

Hi Nathan,

I think contrast is cool, so yeah 🙂 That’s why i only get tattoes on my right arm, leaving the other blank.


Frederik Drost


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