Guide: How to break the fashion rules

By Frederik Drost
Guide: How to break the fashion rules

Hello everyone!

We all have a little desire to break the rules, right? To be unique and not to do like everyone else? It is a feeling that resides in the human soul and that we are alone, on this planet, to express.

In this little guide, I will try to give some tips for people who want to venture beyond the norms of poplar dresscodes, trends and especially their comfort zone. I will also show you some examples of people, at Pitti Uomo, who break the rules of fashion. I would of course try to explain why they get away with compliments instead of ridicule.

Why break the “rules”?

When I talk about the rules, I talk mostly about fashion trends, but also what others expect of your outfit.

For me, going out well dressed or with different outfits is a way to express my creativity! And to me, all the disciplines where one must express one’s being, one’s soul, is a form of art. I don’t like copying the paintings of others, I especially want to create my own style by getting inspiration from others (yes, I paint from time to time).

Well, I’m not going to deny that I also like the attention it gives me, but who doesn’t like it?

How to get away with it?

Own it

It may sound obvious or “cheasy”, but assuming your choices it’s the first step. People can sense if you do not own it and will more easily feel like criticizing you. By assuming, you create an impenetrable image that most people admire. There will always be people to criticize or laugh at you, but they are usually secretly jealous that you have the balls to wear what you want. It’s like being a man of you own word, and you can surely find out what that means here.

If you are asked why you put your tie in the shirt (it happens to me a lot when I do it), I always answer “because I like it”. People respect this answer and your honesty. I wouldn’t say it’s a specific rule that i’m breaking, but I rarely see people doing it and people generally like it 🙂

Moi avec ma cravate dans la chemise



Know the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist

You have to know the rules that you break. Why? Otherwise you risk breaking too many or not the wrong ones! I believe that a real man must have some constant nonchalance (girls like that). This nonchalance lies mostly in the attitude but also in the clothes. An example that I often practice is to put sneakers with my (well fitted) suit because it shows that I know how to dress, but that I do not care too much of what I put on.

To achieve the nonchalance which is absolutely necessary for a man, one article at least must not match.

– Hardy Amies, Couturier

As Hardy Amies says so well, an article must be “off topic”. A very colofrul and original tie is one easy way to get there.


Getting inspiration from others seems so obvious, but people rarely do it the rightway. Seeing an image and copying it is not what I’m talking about … You have to take elements of each photo and apply it, in your own way, to yourself. That’s why I love to look at the pictures from Pitti Uomo; the men there often have good ideas and dare to go further (this is where I saw the tie in the shirt).


Here are some examples of people, at Pitti Uomo, who stands out but who manages to impose their style with a good attitude.

A t-shirt under the blazer is nothing new, but the bomber over it is quite risky! I love it!

I haven’t tried to put my tie in my pants yet, but i will have to one day 🙂 He gets away with it because the denim shirt and the jacket gives him a casual style (and with a beard like that you can get away with anything).

Seeing a beanie with a shirt and tie is not uncommon but you have to know when to wear it. Allthough he is wearing formal clothes, his jacket and the way he is wearing his tie bar, gives him a casual look.

You would usually put the cardigan underneath the blazer, but this gentleman seems to pull off the opposite. It reminds me of how i used to layer my “street” wear with a t-shirt sticking out from under my hoodie.

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