Guide : How to avoid accentuating your hair loss

By Frederik Drost
Guide : How to avoid accentuating your hair loss

Hello everybody!

I recently came across Hims, a company specializing in hair loss prevention who wanted to share a guide they made. At first i was a bit sceptical and was immediately reminded about those cheasy looking clickbait ads for hair recovery. But after a google search it seemed to me that the science was legit enough, and commonly accepted amongst other men’s magazines and testers.

Now, i myself don’t have this issue yet, but looking at my family i can say there is a fair chance i will have to deal with this later on. It is not a nice thought and i think most men would be lying if they say they don’t want to be a “silver fox” in their later years. I know for a fact i look horrible with no hair, thanks to some drunk friends and a party prank/bet, so i would rather bring what hair i have know, to my grave.

So what’s this post all about then?

I am not saying i am going to use prevention shampoo every day from now one, but i will definately consider it the day i start seeing signs of hairloss. But i know a few people who had to deal with this problem at an unfairly young age, and i bet some of you reading also deal with this.
That is why i am sharing their guide on my blog, in the hopes it can help and reassure some of you out there. For more tips and information, go check out their blog!


How to avoid accentuating your hairloss

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