Discover Hommes ou Betes, a parisian menswear brand

June 27, 2018 0 commentaire
Discover Hommes ou Betes, a parisian menswear brand

If you follow my blog for a while you know very well that my love for colors has no limits. So when I discover formal, affordable and colorful luxury brand, I have to share it with you! Therefore i present to you the Parisian brand Hommes ou Betes. Their collection of colorful button-down collar shirts immediately captivated me and their unique, casual-style blazers really stands out from the crowd! This is a very recent brand and their first collection saw the day in 2017 thanks to the French designer Jean-Bérenger de Nattes.

I got my hands on one of their shirts with japanese drawings, a band collar and wooden buttons and it rocks! I’m also wearing shorts from Bertoni of Denmark and sunglasses from Initum Eyewear.


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