An alternative to the blazer

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An alternative to the blazer

Hello everyone!

Despite my love for the blazer, whether worn with a t-shirt, shirt or a tie and a shirt, I often like to get out of my comfort zone by finding alternatives. I’m talking about finding clothes, other than blazers, to wear with a shirt and a tie. I will do several articles on the subject, but for the first I will focus on the “safari” shirt (from Martinique), a thick shirt that can pass for a jacket, often with a short collar and two pockets in front.

It has almost become an art to wear several layers of clothing, or at least to assemble them to give certain effects. I really like the double collar effect, which basically means wearing two shirts. A trick that can make it easier to wear both of these and close all the buttons of the first shirt, or wear a tie like me. For this look I threw on a shirt with a button-down collar, a second hand tie from Dior and my new  Jaques Marie Mage sunglasses!

Check it out:

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