The fannypack for men – A comeback

By Frederik Drost
The fannypack for men – A comeback

The fannypack for men remains for me a mysterious accessory, slowly coming out of the darkness. I do not like the negative connotations that this object has attracted, especially because it was often worn by thugs of arab orgin in France (the over the shoulder version). Since I started wearing mine, I have even been told that I looked like a drug dealer many times (my Adidas jacket does not help).

Whether worn around the waist or over the shoulder, this accessory is back in the spotlight for men and women alike. Rihanna and Diana Ross were the first to have the courage to wear it, but without success. We must thank Kendal Jenner and Asap Rocky for this new return of the saddlebags. Other names such as Liam Payne, Will.I.Am and Jared Leto are also here to show us that this bag can be cool. To be sure to follow the trend (which i don’t always recommend) is important to wear it over the shoulder and not around the waist.
I bought a over-the-shoulder version because i feel they are more comfortable to wear.

Here is my bag from Daily Paper Clothing, with an Adidas jacket (second-hand), a pair of  Weekday jeans, unbranded glasses (second-hand) and my X-Games Limited beanie (for girls).

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