The New CODE41 X41 Aero Carbon – With exotic materials

By Frederik Drost
The New CODE41 X41 Aero Carbon – With exotic materials

As a rare bunch of you might know, i was one of the first to review COD41’s first watches a while back. Time surely has gone by and it seems that CODE41 cannot simply relax after a great successfull brand launch. They are constantly up to something, and their latest release is an upgrade of their high-end model, the X41. 

Featuring the same swiss movement they ordered specifically for this watch, the new X41 will feature a AeroCarbon case and dial elements. This material is extremely light and scratch/pressure resistant, but more prone to shatter. However, this is not the kind of watch you wear when running, hiking or working out, so everything should be fine 🙂

I have allready reviewed the X41’s design in this post, so i will simply let you enjoy these awesome visual of the CODE41 X41 Edition 4!


ian 27/07/2020 - 23:21

do you know of any men style quality watches under 36mm? so tough to find manly watches for a 14.5cm wrist.

Frederik Drost 03/08/2020 - 16:35


I would go for vintage watches.. They can be quite affordable, charming and small..




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